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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Still the one

Look, the only Republican politician to come out of the last night's heavyweight match in worse shape than the Orange Julius was Ted Cruz. You know, "Lyin'  Ted," whose father, "some people say," could well have been complicit in the assassination of JFK, and whose wife is--well, you've seen her. Lyin' Ted caved last week and said he'd vote for his favorite narcissist liar (Ted's words) because the Donald added Sen. Mike Lee to his top ten Supreme Court nominees. Oh, yeah, there may have been other reasons, like his own political hide. 

But I bet Ted Cruz is kicking himself this morning. He got on a bandwagon all right. Last night, the Donald snarfed and whoofed and sucked water, he bilged and blathered and looked at everybody else on stage as if they were bunny dung. He really proved himself trustworthy, didn't he?--really proved himself the wise statesman the world could depend on. 

He came apart at the seams. 

He was a disaster. He scored on Hillary in the early moments, when Kellyanne's leash was still visible; but once things got rolling, once the real Donald started belly-aching, it wasn't pretty, even if you dislike him. He didn't so much leave the tracks as outright crashed and burned.

Gov. Romney beat up Pres. Obama in the first of the debates last time around. For reasons I don't think anyone really knows, Obama stood up there and got carpet-bombed for 90 long minutes. He got outthought, outshoved, out-ed as an idiot, made Romney look invincible. But he came back in rounds 2 and 3 to fight again. And win. Debates and election.

Maybe Donald's got it in him too. I don't know. But last night, after a half hour, he could just as well have gone off to one of his lush retreats to twitter in his responses. He'd have done better. 

By the end he was a sorry, snotty mess, out of control, full of billowing bluster, never more than when he insisted with characteristic arrogance than what made him the best candidate was his character: "I have much better judgment than she does. There’s no question about that. I also have a much better temperament than she has, you know?"

Hillary didn't need to say a thing right then, and didn't. 

Trump was a big orange bottle rocket. He couldn't have done worse. 

I don't know that it will make any difference. Something close to half of this country thinks Hillary is the dragon and Donald is St. John of the Cross. Nothing's going to change. 

Nationally, each of them can only hope that the tens of millions of independents who now pledge allegiance to the Jill Stein or Gary Johnson tell themselves that neither of those candidates will be inaugurated in January. If they want to have a vote in who does, they'll have to go with one of the two most hated candidates for President in the history of the United States of America.

How did we get ourselves into this anyway? Seriously. 

What happened last night was not a match in any sense of the word. One candidate blew himself out of the water.

But to many, I'm sure, Donald Trump is still the Savior. Make that savior.


Larry said...

The objectivity of Mr. Schaap is amazing. There must be mold surfacing in the basement. I do feel Clinton got the best of Trump. However the best line in the whole debate was when Trump made the statement. Hillary you have had thirty years to fix things.

Anonymous said...

Let's wait and see what the American people have to say on November 8, 2016. Surprise. Surprise. Surprise.

Anonymous said...

She got dirty on the last question (convenient)---just wait 'til the next debate. He's gonna tear her apart--no holds barred.
I hope he brings up that Miss Universe gal's "record"... "Accused of being a murder accomplice and threatening the life of a judge." Keeping the Clintons company, nice! Will he mention Juanita Broaddrick and make commercials with her mistreatment by the Clintons??!
You didn't mention the moderator interrupting and fact-checking Trump's answers 12 times; meanwhile 0 times for Hillary's lies (she in fact DID call TPP the "gold-standard" (NUMEROUS TIMES, DOCUMENTED!), the LIAR). 0 mentions about the Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, her illegal server, ETC.!
Such a crushing debate, how come according to the LA Times, Trump is even further ahead?!

Ron said...

Nah, Anonymous, DT will just take Marla Maples along to help him with his moral standing. Hie interruptions outnumbered his history of "I do" by 10-1.

Anonymous said...

Really, Ron?
It's not about "moral standing". You don't get it.
Perhaps you should look into Hillary and her husband's dealings with the women who have accused them of HORRIFIC things.
Donald had an affair...two consenting adults (it's a free country, Ron) --- READ UP ON HILLARY AND HER HUSBAND'S DOINGS! NO CONSENT (crime)!
Exactly the reason you and JCS can't pick a winner to save your life. You're not morally superior, and neither are your favored politicians. The country has moved on from such baloney. You, sadly, don't get it.

Anonymous said...

By the way, who is charge when Hillary blacks-out?

Anonymous said...

How prescient!

Last night I brought up Juanita Broaddrick here, and WELL WELL WELL, look who lit up her Twitter today:

*****JUANITA BROADDRICK: Here is my response to Chelsea Clinton's statement about her father's sexual misdeeds. Chelsea you said you don't remember a time in your life that your parents weren't being attacked. There's a very good reason for this---your parents are not good people. Your father was, and probably still is, a sexual predator. Your mother has always lied and covered up for him. I say again "I was 35 when Bill Clinton Raped me and Hillary tried to silence me. I am now 73. It never goes away". The truth is what has brought the attacks on your family, and you are smart enough to know that by now.*****

So, you all going to keep pontificating, or gain some insight? Wake up! WAKE UP!