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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Worst-case scenario

Well, he's in. 

Impossible as that is to believe, Donald Trump is the Republican candidate for President, having defeated someone so despised by those who know him that it would have been equally inconceivable that Ted Cruz become the standard-bearer. 

We now have two candidates for President (Bernie's win has only prolonged the agony) who are disliked more than any other candidates in polling history. If Donald hadn't won, Hillary's unfavorables would have set a record, but she comes in second, handily, to Trump.

At this point, imagining Trump as President of these United States and leader of the free world is next to impossible; but then who would have ever guessed a man who triumphs over others by spitting, a gambling tycoon with a trophy wife--his third--a man someone who with impunity alienates millions of voters, that man would have ever won over the fifteen or so other one-time candidates? No one could have. No one did.

After the Republican landslides of 2014 and the apparent ascension of hated Hillary to become the presumptive Democratic candidate, everybody wanted in. They're all gone. He's the only one in the ring. Give him one of those frying-pan sized WWF belts.

Yesterday, he pinned Ted Cruz, then buried him. Right now, polls show him trailing Hillary, who is herself greatly despised, by double digits. But miracles happen. They did yesterday.

And they may tomorrow. Want worst-case scenario? Try this on. 

Donald doesn't pivot. Why should he? His remarkable emergence as the choice of the people was accomplished by his acting like a middle-school bully, saying things his admirers claim everybody's thinking but no one dares to. Let's assume the rascal doesn't give a rat's butt about "being Presidential." Let's assume he continues to play the bully that got him where he is, doesn't become, suddenly, a thoughtful, endearing Presidential candidate. Let's just assume he continues to spit the way only he has been able to.

Every campaign stop will be besieged by those he's so publicly bad-mouthed, those who hate him as much as he apparently hates them. Flurries of violence will continue to erupt, not unlike the skirmishes he's already earned at campaign stops around the nation. More protesters will take to the streets, identifiable protesters--African-Americans, Hispanics, gays. There'll be more pushing and shoving, more police cars in flames, maybe even some looting, more street violence, more anger, more hate, more horror, more fuel to the flame that is Donald Trump, who will shake his head, look down on all of the anger and smile as he watches his forces multiply.

The air starts to feel like 1968. Cracks open where old seams--kindness, forgiveness, tolerance, respect--had been holding people together. Cracks widen into fissures. Fissures become an abyss. 

Inside that abyss, fires burn. Streets get ugly, and Donald Trump garners more and more and more votes because good, upstanding, law-abiding people, good Christian people, he insists, would be so much better off without the scum that threatens the common good, without them, the ones we all know poison the dream that is America. God bless America. 

When he says those things, more of those he hates will take to the streets. It's us against them. We'll know who's righteous because Donald will continue to make clear who our enemies are. Yesterday it was Lyin' Ted--did you hear that his father was in on Kennedy's assassination? Nobody knows that, but you never know really, do you? Used to be Obama--nobody really knows if he wasn't born in Kenya.

By mid-summer Trump promises people outraged by rioting and lawlessness that he'll make America great again, pull a Putin and strong arm the nation until we can understand what the hell is going on. 

The November election will be held in a nation split in two like nothing since the Civil War.

He'll pour his hate out all over, and millions more will think him the savior. And he'll win. Trump will win because he's the biggest, toughest hombre in OK Corral--packs the biggest guns, owns his own jet, is beholden to nobody, and besides look what he's done--he's a billionaire. He's a star. He's a celebrity who doesn't take shit from anyone, and, good Lord! that's what this country needs. No more damned political correctness because as everyone knows all Hillary has going for her is she's a woman. That's it. She's a criminal, for heaven's sake.

That's the message Trump will take to the bank. And he'll win. That's what'll happen.


Anonymous said...

You think George W. Bush created Barack Obama? Well, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton created Donald Trump.... He will win...

I think the reason the FBI investigation is taking so long is because Barack Obama is positioning Bernie Sanders and/or Joe Biden to replace Hillary Clinton who is headed to the Crow-bar Hotel with her husband....

Examining this election from the Left or the Right.... the whole process is a crock...super delegates, winning states and ending up with less delegates...negative approval ratings in the basement... the list goes on...Lord, help us!

ronvdm said...

No, Anonymous, Trump's father created Trump.
The Lord may help us, but your prejudicial rhetoric won't.

Anonymous said...

It is not the 60's anymore. The Donald is probably a pied piper or what our manipulators call controlled opposition. Do'nt vote -- it only encourages the zionist occupation government. The 60's narrative was never reality based. The white race is the only one that has suffered from approval seeking behavior -- all others play for keeps. Europeans have suffered from a pathological altruism and maybe all political altruism is pathological. Below is a link.

Northern Europeans less prone to "blaming the other" by Kevin MacDonald

would be so much better off without the scum that threatens the common good, without them, the ones we all know poison the dream that is America

I think is was Magerat Thatchter who said there is no virtue in spending other people's money.

Anonymous said...

"Prejudicial rhetoric" are code words for "not politically correct".

Donald Trump will most likely enter the White House for not being politically correct. The sad news is people like ronvdm self-appoint themselves as guardians and judges of what is politically correct.

When things do not go the way they think they ought, they pick up their toys and go home... some even refuse to vote....

ronvdm said...

Well, Anonymous, since you are unwilling or unable to recognize prejudicial rhetoric, you may well join other Trumpettes in their inability to recognize prejudice that doesn't even rise to the level of bias.

Anonymous said...

For starters, using an un-secure server to house Top Secret and Top Top Secret information and lying to the parents of the Benghazi victims requires honest discussion and confrontation.... which you want call prejudicial rhetoric. Trump's response to the "women card" is precious...

Anonymous said...

Making the accusation of prejudicial rhetoric when it is untrue is prejudicial rhetoric. These accusations take the focus off of "what" was said to "how" it was stated... an old left-winger trick... [example: Donald Trump's tone]

Also, it is good that one has the "anonymous" option, it keeps the focus on "what" the person states rather than "who" the person is...