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Garrison Keillor once said we'd all be better off if we all started the day by giving thanks for just one thing. I'll try.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A parable

Okay, I confess. What I'm about to say isn't at all nice, but I'm going to say it anyway because I find the latest Trump headlines so satisfying.

The retired general who yelled "Lock her up" with thousands of others at the Republican Convention, "LOCK HER UP" for the steady drip of emails purposely leaked by Russians, the man who claimed he would certainly be put behind bars for the kind of lawlessness SHE lived by, the man whose son bought--and spread!--the garbage that Hillary was running a child porn operation in a D. C. pizza joint, the self-appointed avenging angel who spewed anger and hate and nonsense, the general who claimed Hillary played fast and loose with national security--I'm not making this up--the man who claimed Hillary was a liar, that man gets put out with the trash by the President, his hero, for what?--for lying about national security--for being a liar, for looking directly into the eyes of the Vice President of the United States and telling him something flat-out untrue about Russia. 

It may be sin to love it as much as I do, but his flaming demise feels to me like justice.

Go ahead and listen for yourself.

Here's the blessing. Today, all of us love that speech. Those who bought it last summer still think it's on the money, I'm sure. But those of who thought him a cheerleader for hate, those of us whose skin crawled, now we love every silly second too. Go ahead, listen to him again. 

Today we all agree: it's a beautiful couple of minutes. Perfectly poetic. It belongs, certainly, in the Smithsonian. Now that he's gone for the reasons he is, that hot-blooded convention speech imparts real wisdom because it's become parable.

If you have ears, listen.


Anonymous said...

John Lewis and Nancy Pelosi had it exactly right, Flynn is just a scapegoat.

Well, I think they had it right, didn't they? At least they thought they had it right. They gloated like they thought they had it right.

Are you sure you have it right? You are gloating like you think you have it right.

J. C. Schaap said...

What I think I have right is that General Flynn was hung with his own rope: he lost his job for lying to the Vice President about national security issues. Seems to me there's a kind of poetic justice in the story. That I think I have right, but I shouldn't have gloated.

Anonymous said...

I watched the Democrats gloat on election night before they got their butts kicked. Their candidate could not even come out and make an appearance to thank her supporters. Reminder, the GOP took the House, the Senate and enough state houses to be one state away from gaining a sweep in a Constitutional Convention besides the Presidency...

You most likely are right about Flynn, but just a gentle reminder. Time for a refresher, "T" in T-U-L-I-P stands for Total Depravity... I suspect that includes General Flynn too. No one is doubting your rights but skip the "cockiness" it will come back to bite you.

Jerry27 said...

If white people are reduced to taking it to the streets, they might do better to use the German chant "Putin save us," instead of the overly optimistic "lock her up."


Jerry27 said...

Was the Ousting of General Flynn an Elaborate Ruse to Expose Leakers? - Trading with The Fly