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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Let me count the ways

It'll happen, and it'll happen tomorrow: the man-who-would-be-President will step into the office with approval ratings twenty points lower than any other President-elect. Only forty percent of the American public approve of him, but you can bet that forty percent is convinced.

Ever since November, we've been scratching our collective noggin to determine how this amazing thing happened. Donald Trump broke every political rule-of-thumb, promised rainbows and unicorns, bullied people out of his way, and behaved in ways we wouldn't tolerate in our own kids. 

But tomorrow he's in. 

Mr. Trump, how did we get thee anyway? Let me count the ways.

1) Because we were choosing between the lesser of two evils.

2) Because Hillary thought she couldn't lose against a someone so unfit for office.

3) Because someone really does have to drain the swamp.

4) Because white folks thought she cared more about who's in whose toilets than who's out of work. 

5) Because "those damned emails" went drip, drip, drip.

6) Because Putin kept leaking Podesta emails.

7) Because FBI Director Comey thought it right to reopen the case against Hillary.

8) Because someone needs to make America great again.

9) Because America is a business, and Trump knows how to run a business.

10) Because he made money and still does.

11) Because he has such good kids

12) Because Fox News loves him.

13) Because mainstream media hates him.

14) Because people loved him on The Apprentice

15) Because he's for a holster on every belt. 

16) Because he doesn't take any shit.

17) Because his midnight tweeting is such a gas. 

18) Because if nothing else, he sure will entertain us.

19) What did I miss????

And how was it that 80% of that 40%, the American Evangelicals, continue to love him?

1) Because he promised to end abortion.

2) Because he's a baby Christian.

3) Because God wanted him.

End of story. 

Beginning of story.


Jerry27 said...

19) What did I miss????


Larry said...

I find the whole sordid mess disgusting. The Democratic party left their base, becoming a party of very wealthy parasites trusting on the votes of the poor, who they did not help, to get elected. Blaming Russian hacking and leaks, but never discussing or admitting to the emails which pointed to the corruption inside the party. Obama is self-righteous and delusional. He has been very consistent over the eight years at the blame game. Nothing was his fault. First it was all G.W.'s fault. Then it was the congress. Racial tension has never been higher. His constant race baiting has become very sickening.

Anonymous said...

Sure am glad Hillary did not win. As my pappy used to say, "she was so crooked when they tried to plant her they had to screw her in the ground." Trump did not know how right he was. Let the FBI investigation and hearings begin. As Larry stated, "I find the whole sordid mess disgusting."

Anonymous said...

this post is so sad it's comical. or scary.
"in the basement" with your tin-foil hat, waiting for the ruskies to arrive. "duck and cover!"