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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Setting the record straight

As someone who never loved the Clintons but certainly didn't hate them, I wondered where hardcore Hillary haters picked up their ammo. 

You don't have to look far. I typed "Clinton murders" into Google, and in less than a second--Google is proud of such things--turned up various numbers in the "Clinton body count" racket. Somewhere between 33--

 and close to a hundred:

In case you, like me and millions of other Americans were completely out of the loop on all of this, here's a bombshell from late August, a horrible story that broke just in time for the over-stoked campaign season.  

Seriously, you thought the constant drip-drip of Wikileaks told the whole truth? Nosireee. There's bloody more. The brazen horror and demonic arrogance of all this is beyond belief. Read it for yourself--while she was running for President of the United States and Leader of the Free World, Hillary Clinton was involved in the deaths, the murders, of four innocent people--that's right, four--in just the last few months, all of whom would have exposed all of this, would have made brought her and her husband's vicious blood-letting out into the light. Four men since late June.

Shockingly, she orchestrated these things--or her minions did--when she herself seemed to be dying of some horrible health problem that no one would talk about.  

You think I'm kidding? Here's all you need, plus a radio show if you want to stay updated:

If some Hillary supporters try to talk you all of this, download this summary chart and tape it to your refrigerator. Here's all the facts, right there under your thumb.

There's got to be something here. Why didn't I know all of this before the election. I mean, I voted for her, and now I find out she's killed dozens of people in bare-knuckled power grabs. 

Thank goodness President-elect Trump promised to do something, to "lock her up." Remember those chants? Every last rally the whole mob broke into a fever.

Now he's backing off a bit. He says he'll think about that later. Seriously? 

If he doesn't lock her up, does that mean he too is part of the conspiracy? 

He's got Steve Bannon right there with him, so he'll do it. He'll lock her up. He must. Look at the woman's despicable record of evil. She's a serial killer, a mass murder. Donald Trump said he would.

He better.



Anonymous said...

Not only are you a sore loser, you're a sore loser with a complex. Ignorant, as this post spells out. A spoiled boomer who's a product of the GIMMEE (NOWWWWW!) Generation glued to the mainstream media disinformation system. Not willing to do any work on your end. Just turn on Rachel Maddow and have it all laid out for you.

As another commenter wrote, you don't quite grasp depravity. "No way could Hillary do something so bad!". I guess that turns you from a 3-point Calvinist to a 2-pointer. You're slipping!

Sioux County Hillary voters--12%. You should rename your blog "Down in my Safe Space". Haha

P.S. - Begin your research with the Mena Airport, if you're serious about learning.

Anonymous said...

Your body count is off by a few million. 50 - 60 million babies have been murdered by the horrible practice of abortion. Hillary stood up in a recent debate and overtly, vehemently and haughtily supported the practice. She has blood on her hands.

Anonymous said...

"We came, we saw, he died" - HRC

Larry said...

The sarcasm and bitterness is so evident. Why Mr. Schaap did not know all this is because he blindly followed and refused to believe the true depth of the depredation the Clinton Mafia would fall to. The pattern over the years has been so evident. His hatred defies understanding. What he fails to consider is according to democrat pundants, is the democratic party changed. They forsook their base and became a party of ultra wealthy entitled thugs who used the poor to try to get their votes to hold them in power. The democratic party is no longer for the poor and beatdown victims. Trump realized this and took advantage. In the 90's the Clintons used the phrase "Its the economy stupid" to win the White House. Now these same people have forgotten the working middle class. To quote Lars Larsen "SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP"

Jerry27 said...

80 years after the Tsameri captured Amelia Earhart
feminist Hillary tried to maintain the official narrative.

lock her up

Anonymous said...

To the Neo-conservatives posting here. I am Republican. A conservative one. You seem to have handle on what's right and holy in this world. My question to you is this? Is Donald Trump an answer to your prayers? Is he going to morally lead us into being a God fearing nation once again? Is he going to grow Christ's kingdom? I have heard what you hate. Now, what is your man going to do to promote God's kingdom? Now it's your turn to defend and lay out how he is going to do it. The floor is yours.

Anonymous said...

Dear 10:16 Anonymous--that's what your preacher is for!

Anonymous said...

I am truly astonished that those who regularly put negative comments on this blog don't decide to not read Dr. Schaap's "Stuff..." and find other blogs more agreeable to their own views.

Anonymous said...

Dear 11:28 AM,
You could be a great poster-child for "Censorship"

Dear 10:24 AM,
Wrong! Your minister's job is to equip the saints, that means you! You are supposed to go out and grow Christ's Kingdom. Flip off the Rachel Maddow show and get going....

Dear10:16 AM,
Donald Trump is as depraved as the rest of us. He is a person just like all the other imperfect presidents... watch and pray.

Anonymous said...

WRONG! Where have you read that it's the President's job to "morally lead us into being a God fearing nation once again"? Like I said, please refer to your Minister for this duty. Your minister can guide you in this process--the President, NO!

Anonymous said...

Wow, separation of Church and state. Sounds like a liberal comment to me.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Do you normally get your morals from your President?!

Tell me--what has Obama taught you about his religion? What about the President after Trump? You think they're all going to be Christians?!

And no, I ain't no lib'rul--I voted Republican and have my whole life. What I said isn't about "separation of church and state", it's about not looking to a President for morals (open up your Bible, talk to your minister, etc). But then again, I'm not a sheep!

chuvan said...