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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Downright foolishness

You must have heard this. 

A group calling itself "Open Carry Texas" decided to demonstrate its something or other last weekend and simply do what they claim "the founders" would have loved: lug their hardware into places where they and their weapons would be seen and noted. So they grabbed their assault rifles and showed up hither and yon, the sweet heat strapped over their shoulders.

All perfectly legal, of course. Nary a sinner in the bunch. All true, red-blooded Americans with a love affair with their country and their blessed guns. After all, with Obama, you never know when you'll need a uzi. 

Turns out some panty-waist lefties complained that they weren't comfortable grabbing a latte with some yahoo toting an MPA 930 9mm carbine in line behind him. You know--this:  

Okay, men and women shouldering assault rifles just isn't something you see every day, unless you frequent third-world airports. And besides, toting hardware and touting the second amendment is all perfectly legal and downright American.

Some of the those not armed that day complained. They hadn't stopped at Burger King to be assaulted by gun nuts festooned in ammo belts. Understandable. So a whole bunch of left-leaning restaurant chains--Wendys, Chilis, Sonic, among them--put up signs asking customers not to haul in their hardware. Some asked them to leave. Can you imagine?

Then, some mole at the NRA put out a note asking members not to brandish their wares all over the place because having chicken nuggets next to a gal sporting an M4 carbine was, well, "weird," and probably didn't aid in good digestion. Some gun-owners, this NRA guy said, "crossed the line from enthusiasm to downright foolishness."

"Open Carry Texas" went ballistic, metaphorically speaking, some members lambasting the NRA. After all, one of them said, the NRA was now siding with "the ultra-liberal gun-control bullies" in a group who call themselves "Moms Demand Action." Open Carry Texas was not amused. "The NRA has lost its relevance and sided with the gun control extremists and their lapdog media," said the group in a tweet. Some even burned their NRA cards. It's all perfectly legal.

On Tuesday, some NRA guy backtracked and backed off the whole "downright foolishness" thing. "Our job is not to criticize the lawful behavior of fellow gun owners," he said.  And then this:  "The National Rifle Association unapologetically and unflinchingly supports the right of self-defense and what that means is that our members and our supporters have a right to carry a firearm in any place they have a legal right to be. If that means open carry, we support open carry."

It's all perfectly legal, after all. 

On Wednesday, "Open Carry Texas" made peace with the NRA, lauding Wayne LaPierre's return his right mind. 

So, Wendy's, here they come. Starbucks, here they come. It's all perfectly legal. 

And all perfectly cuckoo.

Sleep well tonight. Open Carry Texas will be monitoring the situation. You never know about those Moms.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the Obama administration's Fast and Furious plan.

Can you imagine all those Mexicans brandishing their new free AR-15's paid for with American tax money?

At least this. These Americans your refer to paid for their own guns and obeyed the second amendment. The folks with the Fast and Furious weapons shot Americans with them. We should all like lawful use of weapons.

Ted Nugent said...

I'll bet there isn't any purse stealing or muggings going on around these guys and gals.

Anonymous said...

So I am an owner of "assault rifles" and I enjoy shooting them. When I first saw the news of these guys walking around with the guns I rolled my eyes and said that I will be lumped into these people purely because I own these types of weapons. I actually was impressed that the NRA had originally come out and called these guys out for who they were. Now the NRA back tracked which is disappointing.

On both sides we are going to have "idiots" that polarize the argument and demonize everyone that is in the middle or even just involved in the issue.

Lefties says that anyone that owns an assault rifle (or a gun for that matter) has children's blood on their hands. The extreme right is screaming to rise up and take down this fascist regime before it is too late. Somewhere (deep) is some truths on either side.

I personally think that these people lauding around their guns are idiots. I believe in the right to carry concealed. But.... concealed means not out for everyone to see. I personally would not like sitting in a restaurant with my family and seeing these people walk in carrying their weapons. There is just no need other then to provoke a fight or have people stare at you and talk about you. If you want to protect yourself fine..... I agree with that right and support it to the hilt, just conceal it and not scare people or reinforce their prejudice of guns.

If common sense has the stage it is a lot harder for the extremist to raise their voices and preach their crap.

Anonymous said...

I'd be more concerned about the video games kids are playing in the privacy of their homes than I am about kids brandishing guns 'in public.' No one knows what they are doing. But we tend to find out at some pt. AND, its never any good.

Anonymous said...

I'd be more concerned about the video games kids are playing in the privacy of their homes than I am about kids brandishing guns 'in public.' No one knows what they are doing. But we tend to find out at some pt. AND, its never any good.

Anonymous said...

Ted Nugent is spot on! I commend him for his insight. Absolutely Ted, no one is going to try to steal your wallet or purse when you are armed to the teeth with high powered weapons.
Although Ted, when I examine the photos I notice that these good American folks are not carrying purses; they are also poorly dressed. I guess most of their money goes to the purchase of the latest in weapons.

But Ted, having your wallet or purse swiped is a minor inconvenience compared to little kids and teachers slaughtered in an elementary school,or people shot in a theatre, or students gunned down on a university campus. Ted,I'll leave it to you to add to this list.

Anonymous said...

You know........ I think there is just a common sense issue in the world and our nation today. Gun grabbers are overboard....... These idiots carrying rifles in target are overboard..... People that give Al Sharpton and Anne Coulter air time...... States that force a baker to make a wedding cake for a same sex marriage couple against his religious convictions....... All overboard! People we are going to implode on ourselves as a nation if there is no middle ground. By the way I am the guy who commented on the fact I own assault rifles, just for continuity sake. We need to take back the microphone from the extremist on either side and not let them set the tone of the conversation.

Ted said...

How many deer hunters would there be IF the deer were able to shoot back?

Ted said...

How many deer hunters would there be IF the deer were able to shoot back?

Anonymous said...

Interesting post to read at the end of a long day.
I too am perplexed at the craziness in today's culture. This situation just further exemplifies the SPLIT nature of our culture. (Didn't the Pres. come to change that?!).
Just read a news site that carries stories from throughout the country and you'll see.
I'm a Republican (for now) who's into gun rights, but does anyone else monitor things such as Facebook? Disturbing "likes" by conservative Christians ("Can this goat get more fans than Obama?"). Who can make the biggest exhaust plume? Who's got the baddest gun?
I find it all disturbing. On a religious, cultural, and societal level.

Julie said...

Great post J.C.! Couldn't agree with you more. Please send me an email when you get a chance - thanks!

Julie on Politics AT gmail DOT com

LaVerne said...

Just a thought. Is it just possible that all the anonymous persons posting on this article refer to themselves as anonymous because they have just enough self awareness that they do not even want to associate themselves with their own extreme views.