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Garrison Keillor once said we'd all be better off if we all started the day by giving thanks for just one thing. I'll try.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday morning catch--glory

Some Saturday mornings just about all I can find out here on so much flatland is a broad morning sky--which is not to say that a broad morning sky, one as multi-hued as this one, is chopped liver. This one was an immense kaleidoscopic showpiece. 

I sometimes think of landscape photography out here on the plains as if a what I record is a story. In this broad world, sky is always basically setting, like this. It's what's always there--a big, colorful dawn.

But really good stories require more than setting, right?  So what goes in front of that an immense morning sky is character. That's what I think.  That's what I look for.  Sadly, this morning I couldn't find a character, just couldn't.  

Okay, what you notice here is a single silo, no barn, no house--the morning sun is rising on something that, well, used to be.  Hey, that's both character and story.  But calling that silo a character is a stretch, isn't it? Really, all there is, here too, is setting. Glorious setting, but not much more.

Because the disappearing cloud layer just above the farmstead seems somehow to mimic what's beneath it, I thought this one might get me there.  What do you think?--is there character in this one?  I like the farmstead and the wispy fragments above it, but is it really "character"? Not really. But my word, it's a wonderful setting.

I had some hopes for this one, but last year's brome grass, a not-native species on top of it, is hardly striking. There's just not enough there there to be a character.

This morning, setting, breath-taking setting, was the whole huge story. 

I'm not beefing.  I could have done worse because conflict or not, the morning's glory was immense. The heavens declare, the psalmist says, which makes a dawn like this one into something of a preacher. 

I can live with that.  This morning, out north of Sanborn, I probably didn't create a story, but I was there in the pew for one remarkable sermon. 

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Anonymous said...

Hard to rival the sermon of a great sunrise. I have been in that pew many times and blessed for it