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Friday, April 25, 2014

Red-blooded American idiocy

Honestly, if it wasn't downright scary, this snapshot could become a poster for American madness. Here's a dude wielding a weapon nobody outside of the military really needs, except, he'd say I'm sure, people like him who are ready for a moment just like this one, when the federal government's jackboots, descending from black helicopters, appear as if out of nowhere to take away God-given American rights. Listen, this guy's a real patriot because he'll kill rather than give up the freedom the founding fathers gave him, thank the Lord. He's a true American.

The woman behind him, imperiled by government thugs, looks on anxiously, sure as anything that Obama's secret police are out to destroy hard-working, white Americans who love this country, brave men and women who dare to take on the socialists, who are really, down deep, nothing more than communists. Behind her, a whole bunch of patriots snap pictures, because someday soon some scrulptor will create a great tribute to the man with rifle, an image just as heart-stirring as the one of those GIs raising the flag on Iwo Jima. They'll have pictures. They'll be able to tell their children and their children's children that they were to witness a true American ready, willing, and able to die for freedom.

It's scary. It really is.

The left has its own gallery of rogues. Jeremiah Wright didn't help Barack Obama a whole lot and said some downright stupid things I'd likely think a whole lot less stupid if I were Black; but I don't remember ever seeing him in a flak jacket, poking a machine gun between concrete barriers, armed and ready to hold off the American government.

I was watching Fox News a few nights ago when Shawn Hannity baited Cliven Bundy, the rancher from rural Nevada, who, for a time at least, was the hero of the kind of folks who created Tim McVeigh. I heard Hannity ask the man ridiculous questions meant for an audience just hoping for some thick raw meat. This man Bundy complied, gave him everything Hannity hoped his audience was looking to hear.

And honestly, I couldn't help think, right at that moment, that this ten-gallon hat of his had absolutely nothing beneath it.  

Look, let's assume Cliven Bundy employs, say, twenty cowhands, ten of whom are African-American. He doesn't, but let's just assume that he might. Let's assume, in other words, that the man isn't racist.  He says he isn't, after all--just as he says he doesn't believe in the federal government. He's a God-fearing American; I say, just for a moment, we take him at his word.

Let's assume he's a good man, but just, well, rough around the edges. Unquoth maybe, so sheltered in the back forty that he has no clue about political correctness, okay?

Here's just part of what he said:  

And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom.
Even if he's not a racist--and he obviously is--those three sentences are spectacularly stupid. Slavery made family life impossible, as I think--I hope--most grade school kids understand. Slavery destroyed families. Even if Mr. Bundy isn't racist--which he is--he's a moron.

And it's only right that people like Shawn Hannity get shit on 'em when they cozy up to men and women like Cliven Bundy, men and women who end up being their own worst enemies. The best thing to happen in this whole sordid range war is that Sean Hannity went face first in bullshit.

And what about this guy with the assault rifle?  I bet he's still there, watching for black helicopters, ready to die for freedom. 

Bundy is, that's for sure. He's got a head full of steam now; after all, he was crowned into celebrity status by people like Rand Paul and Shawn Hannity.  In fact, everyday at four he holds a news conference because he's the right's latest Joe the Plumber or that old guy from Duck Dynasty. Heroes all. Be there.

Wait! Let me get my camera.


Anonymous said...

So now that you have defined what won't work and we have ALL that down-pat.

I would like to hear from you and Jeremiah Wright on what will work. God-less-ness, un-wed parents, poverty, drug use, murders, gangs all need solutions.

Fifty years of left wing pap has not helped our cities one bit. Have at em, Professor Schaap.

Anonymous said...

This was no random event disconnected from larger historical trends. With no enemies on the right and weaponized "Christian world views" in hand, too many people in the social mainstream (or closer than Bundy) are finding common cause with white supremacists. The white right has been building toward this for decades, and they see their hour is at hand. Some, like the Kansas City klansman (a Siouxland native) who murdered a child and his grandfather at that Jewish community center, are lashing out at the end of long careers they started in the 1950s. Will angry young men follow in their footsteps? We may soon find out that Mencken was right: it can happen here. and when it comes, fascism will arrive draped in the flag and carrying a cross -- holy knights defending "Christian heritage."

Anonymous said...

As a Canadian I do not want to appear smug and condescending when commenting on something that is taking place down south, but sometimes there's no alternative. Up here we have a hard time wrapping our heads around your fanatical love affair with guns and "the right to bear arms". If I may be blunt, we think you're nuts. Learned this week that in the state of Georgia you can now strap on your shooting iron and wear it to church and to school! Like I said you guys are nuts!!

Anonymous said...

Enough tit for tat, lets think how we can stop violence and all get along with eac.h other!

Anonymous said...

OK enough "tit for tat. A good start is to make it more difficult to get gun permits--like real background checks. Secondly outlaw the NRA and Fox News and thirdly ban assault weapons. Finally all churches should institute small groups that do a serious review of how we are to treat our neighbour and the role that governments play in regulating society to His honour and glory!

The Canadian

Anonymous said...

You people do not have a grasp on reality or history. I love my Canadian brothers, but you sit safe and smug, because the US sits south of you and Kennedy pledged to,defend you against any sort of military incursion. Pretty easy to judge when you have nothing to invest in.

I think the main problem is that many people just,do not read our constitution. The founding fathers gave the right of the people to bear arms in order to keep the federal government from becoming tyrannical.

Remember England and why we left it? Freedom is based on control of the people and the only way to assure that does not happen is that the people have a recourse against the government if they were to start to limit the freedoms given us by the constitution. Remember government throughout time has been in the business of ruling and control.....and our forefathers knew this. Case in point look at Ukraine and Russia right now. I bet there are some Ukrainian freedom fighters wishing they had better guns to defend their sovereign land,

I bet the Canadians would feel the same way if we felt like taking Canada.

Anonymous said...

"You people do not have a grasp on reality or history." To the person who wrote this, a BIG thank-you!

JCS and the others do not understand that government can be, and often is, the enemy. This is not radical thinking, this is why we had the American revolution!

Canadians and lefties do not get it.

Anonymous said...

I love my American brothers...I really mean that!! But sometimes you are difficult to understand. Canadians aren't wet noodles. We entered WW1 before the USA did and WW2 as well and our soldiers conducted themselves with honour in both wars, just ask the Dutch. What we don't get is that people have to bear arms to put, what you refer to as a tyrannical government' down. How about voting them out of office...I think it's called democracy!!A good historical review of the American Revolution will indicate it was not necessary to engage in armed conflict. In fact it's wrong to rebel against a government that has been instituted by God. You don't have to resort to armed conflict to get rid of a government that you don't like. What this idea suggests is that democracy no longer works in the USA , and in my country.

The Canadian

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree that the Canadians did a great job liberating my Dutch family in WWII. For that, my family will always be grateful.
What I am saying is that in history if the government does not fear recourse from its citizens it has an ability to tromp on their rights a whole lot quicker. Nazi Germany took power from its people at a ferocious rate and that of their neighbors. What did they do... They took guns from the populous. The rest was easy for them. A government must fear its people, not its people fear their government. That is the only way it will work right. I am not a black helicopter believer constantly checking my back and hoarding ammo.

I am a believer that government must respect us and realize that we can rise up and say no. Can elections do this? Perhaps..... But we all know how easy elections can be rigged in the governments favor. Just look again at Russia

Anonymous said...

" A government must fear its people not its people fear their government". I'm very uncomfortable with that statement! Does it serve as a sound basis for a fair and just government? It seems to me this gives rise to an unhealthy tension between the people and those who have been elected to serve them.

"But we all know how easily elections can be rigged in the government's favour" I agree. My government attempted to do this with a new Elections Act , but the public push back was so robust they had to hastily backtrack.

You have gerrymandering and the very rich using their wealth to influence elections( I've forgotten the name for this). You should stand up and let your elected officials know your displeasure with this. Email them. Use strong language and leave your assault weapons out of the equation!

Last point: It's not always fair to put people into categories such as "bleeding heart liberals or lefties". Things are usually a bit more complicated.

The Canadian

That's it for now. I have to get ready to milk my cows.

Anonymous said...

You all need to read what Jason Bullock says..WHO? Jason Bullock is a black man that works for Mr. Bundy...look it up. All of the slave comments were taken out of need to read the whole speech he gave. Seems to me, in some aspects he was right. We are all better off when we work. GOD loves us when we work, for HIM and ourselves. It creates in us self esteem, sense of accomplishment, etc. But the govn't has taken that away from a lot of us. THAT IS THE TRUE SHAME of it all.

Anonymous said...

Amen, brother!

I once wrote a paper in graduate school titled, "The Sanctity of Work". In the paper I referenced that work was therapeutic and a special blessing to our special needs population. It helps form a healthy identity.

Remember that work was given to Adam and Eve pre-sin. It i

Unknown said...
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