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Friday, December 13, 2013

The shot heard 'round the world

GTY helle thorning schmidt obama selfie sk 131212 16x9 608 Danish PM Defends Obama Selfie

I don't know why, but the response to this picture (ABC called it "the shot heard 'round the world") just about ran me off the map. It occasionally included a caption claiming that at least Michelle knows how to conduct herself at a funeral. The criticism, implied or stated, is that the President is the unfeeling monster "the American public" long ago discovered him to be. There he sits, all smily and carrying on, dancing on the grave of the great Nelson Mandela, a man most of those who FB'd the photo likely hated a quarter century ago, as did almost every conservative in the U.S. of A.

The whole story of the phony translator at Mandela's funeral would be hilarious if it wasn't scary, but that weird story makes amply clear what tons of others, including the smartphone photographer in the picture, Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, reported: the funeral was something of a party. She told the press that she didn't think her impromptu portrait was all that horrifying: ”There was a sadness, but it was basically a festive event that also celebrated a man who has lived for 95 years and achieved so much in his life," she told reporters. "There was dancing on the stands. … And then we took a really fun selfie.”

Here's my confession. For the last two weeks, I've taken dozens, even hundreds of well-meant condolences from people who wanted to express their deep sympathy for the loss of my mother. I told them I was celebrating: Mom was the same age as Nelson Mandela.  She wanted badly to close her eyes and go where the Lord would lead her, wanted to be with her husband again, who she claimed stood in her room not long ago, as if he'd come by to get her.

Her death took her from this world but transfered her to something better beyond. It ended her sorrow and sadness and limbered her fingers once again so that, today, I'd like to think she's at a piano once more, where she hadn't been for too many years. Or on the tennis court.  

I think my family might well have snapped selfies just like this at her funeral because our time together in celebration of her life was anything but sad; and that's what I tried to tell people when they'd come up and hold my hand. Mom had a good, long life, was ready to go. When death came stalking, he handled her like a gentleman, praise God.

And pass the camera.

People who were appalled by this selfie have been been appalled by Obama from the get-go, Obama the socialist, Obama the Muslim, Obama the man whose rotten mother faked an ID to make sure he'd appear to have been born in America so that she could surreptitiously sneak him to the Presidency of the these United States, Obama whose world view was clearly shaped by American imperialism and the Mau-Mau rebels. Sheesh.

And now this: the man doesn't know how to behave at funerals.  Isn't that awful?  See?  Look for yourself.  What a monster.

And did you hear this? Some people are suggesting that Jesus and Santa aren't white. Can you imagine? That's how far we've come in America these Obama days. In his war on Christmas, there are some who are saying that Santa and Jesus aren't white. How horribly unAmerican.

Imagine that. 

Go ahead.  Imagine.


Anonymous said...

How did that fake translator slip past the secret service?

Your guy Obama could have really experienced the "the shot heard round the world".

Anonymous said...

Our President may have thought this light hearted moment of a selfie with other state officials was just a party moment! I for one think that the office of the President expects him to act Presidential, which means not clowning around with a self phone in front of the world. Take away Air Force ONE and other perks and we have a man who puts his pants on like any other man. Add to that sometime he looks like the man hiding behind the curtain!

Anonymous said...

Iron curtain or the bamboo curtain, that is the question. This poor man-child needs to grow up.