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Thursday, October 10, 2013

News Flash--Alice Munro

Just one of my post-retirement musts is in one of the boxes that surround me right now, waiting for my office furniture--my entire collection of Alice Munro stories, almost endless volumes, all of them--all of them stories!--endlessly good.

The news just appeared in my in-box. She just was awarded the Nobel Prize.  I couldn't be happier,

I'm woefully inept on world literature.  I don't know the great Eastern European contemporary writers, nor those from the Middle East.  What I do know is that no one writes a short story like Alice Munro, who, in many ways, never left the world she lived in. The great genius of her stories--in terms of accomplishment--is that she could make a short story a novel.  

There are other attributes--marvelous characterization, spiraling plots, stunning sentences--but Alice Munro is a master of economy, which is always an attribute in great art, saying least and most at the very same time.

For years I've been asked who is my favorite author, a question I don't like to answer because in so many ways I don't know.  I absolutely loved Kent Haruf's Benediction this summer, a great novel.  I also loved Me Before You--a whole different genre.  I'm afraid I'll never warm to fantasy or sci fi, but I honestly love most any lit that tells the truth beautifully.  Jhumpa Lahiri is a dream.

But here's my answer to the question I don't like posed: My all-time favorite writer just won the Nobel Prize for literature, Alice Munro.

Somewhere just outside this big picture window I face in my new basement study, I swear that if I listen carefully, I can hear music from the spheres. All is right with the world.

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Michelle said...

I heard about her win on NPR today. It has inspired me to read more of her work!