Morning Thanks

Garrison Keillor once said we'd all be better off if we all started the day by giving thanks for just one thing. I'll try.

Friday, September 20, 2013

sorry. . .just now got this ad

If you act now, within the next seven days, you and your ministry staff can pick up most every professional-quality, worship video or still imagery download you've ever dreamed of having in your system.

That's right, for the next week, you can download hundreds of darling pics of kids and animals to light up the life of your sanctuary.  We've got squirrels and rabbits, pups and kittens galore!  Cute kids? We've got dozens, in every sweet pose you can imagine.  You'll have your people oohing and aahing before you even say the word!  

You're considering something about the fires of hell?  Well, we've got 'em, loads of 'em, bright and ghoulish, splashes of fire that'll crackle and snap and scare your congregation into grace.  And they're free--that's right, free, for the next seven days!

Maybe you're interested in motion backgrounds, perfect for setting moods.  Want your people churning inside? We've got plenty of poor and hungry people clips that'll have them eating out of your hand as they reach for their wallets.  Want solitude or reverence?--we'll take your people to the top of Everest or the very edge of the Grand Canyon.  Want God's people pensive?--we've got mist from the moors, shadowy forests, foggy bottoms.  

How about something from the promised land?  We've got oodles of Israels--deserts, mountains, Bethlehams, Golgathas, Red Seas, dozens of River Niles, even a few weddings at Cana.  Just click and we're there in your system.  And for the next seven days--it's all free!  You heard that right!  You can get a year of performance here, maybe more, at no cost to you!!! 

Doing a series on creation?  Stun your people with satellite images, broad skyscapes of the heavens themselves.  Turn your nave into a planetarium.  Knock their socks off!  And it's all at no cost to you! No cost!!

Look, we've got time lapse footage that'll compliment anything from the earth's own first seven days!  Watch trees grow, glaciers melt, time itself pass away!  You can fade to black and turn every last soul into a true supplicant!!

And it's all free! Put on a show that'll have them still swooning on Saturday. With the blessing of our breath-taking imagery, you can make truly soulful impressions every Sabbath! 

Act now!!!


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