Morning Thanks

Garrison Keillor once said we'd all be better off if we all started the day by giving thanks for just one thing. I'll try.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Morning Thanks--what you can't do

On the way up Hwy 75, you'll hit a couple of wide turns in what otherwise is a pencil-straight highway.  Those turns mark the state line, and it was my telling him that we were coming into Minnesota that brought it all up.

"Somebody at archery camp," our grandson announced boldly from the back seat, "said that it's illegal to cross the state line with a duck on your head."

I could barely drive.  "What?" I said.

"This kid said you couldn't go across the state line with a duck on your head," our darling, soon-to-be fifth grade grandson repeated solemnly.

He didn't seem to be embarrassed one bit when I couldn't stop laughing. The idea--the very idea.

"Somebody told you that?" I said between guffaws.

"At archery camp," he told me.  

"What were you guys doing, shooting apples off each other's heads?" I asked him.

He thought his grandpa's question was patently absurd.  

"Well, you got one?" I asked him as we swung around the turn.

"What?" he said.

"A duck."

"Naaahhhh," he told us.  

There wasn't a cop around.  We could have pulled it off, but we hadn't brought a duck.

It's what he heard at archery camp. Just thought I'd let you know.  You never know when there's a cop at the state line.  If you see one, you might want to hold that quacker in your arms.

Our day away was educational, we thought--a visit to the Pipestone Monument.  And psychological too. After all, he's a middle child, and his social-butterfly sister is gone half the summer. So we decided a road trip was called for. That's when we heard the law about the ducks.

So this morning's thanks are for the beloved education Grandpa and Grandma can pick up from a grandson. We go to Minnesota a lot.  I would never have known.


Dutchoven said...

It is always good to believe the younger generations since they are the ones who will take care of you as you age- their wisdom will come in due time...meantime, don't "duck" the truth:

J. C. Schaap said...

There now. Thanks, DO, for the help. I'll cross the line with far less fear and trepidation :).