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Friday, July 26, 2013

Phallic humor

Yes, I know I'm violating some kind of code. It's in my head too--you know, 'Hey, you really shouldn't put a picture like this on your blog--it's, like, disgusting."

But when I took the picture, I was sure there was something wise and witty, something almost profound to be said about the differences between art and porn, about symbols and what they mean and do.  An English teacher kind of thing.

Besides, this guy's spray-painting finally says more about him (and why am I so blasted sure it's a male?) than it does about the image in question. He's just discovered Freud, for pity sake. And just in case you don't see see the symbols, here's what's going on with this silo--snicker, snicker.

Shoot, there's even embedded lesson in educational psychology here: this sadly repressed young man is telling you the answer before you can even imagine the question. He fails badly in the classroom of life, and he thinks he's being the teacher.

Like I said, I know I could have found something witty and off-beat, but it would have been a stretch for a Calvinist.  For a long time, I didn't dare put the picture here.

But now there's this former congressman from New York who's attempting a comeback.  You know the story?  Anyway, he's got this disgusting habit--I don't want to talk about it.

I'm sorry, but somehow this whole barn thing reminds me of him, and I'd name him if his blasted name wouldn't be just another in a series of indelicacies I shouldn't have brought up in the first place. 

You know.  


Anonymous said...

Okay so waht does this say about your readers ,or this one at least that I chuckled hard at this post.Oh dear....

Anonymous said...

Back when, when I majored in Psychology and studied Freud, the question of the day was asked of Sigmund, "is a cigar a phallic symbol?'

Sigmund Freud replied, "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar"."

Bill Clinton did not get the joke.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a silo is just a silo.

Anonymous said...

Must be masculine humor. It is, after all, just a silo!

Anonymous said...

Why would it take JCS so long to post it on his blog?

Must be masculine weakness, right?