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Monday, May 06, 2013

That having been done. . .


Cards on the table.  I strongly believe that the senate's rejection of the bill to make gun registration mandatory wasn't just sad, it was scandalous. Even worse, it was evil.

That having been said, I rather like the punch some guy through at a cameraman in Burkesville, Kentucky, when a network crew showed up to do a story on the death of a two-year-old shot by her five-year-old brother who was toting some insane "guns-for-tots' .22 rifle.  What the local guy was doing was protecting his own from a carpetbagger. What the people of Burkesville, Kentucky, didn't want--and don't want--is a company of reporters sticking mikes in their faces and showing them to be Hicksville, not Burkesville.

That having been said, I don't think the puncher should have done it. Still, I've lived in small towns long enough to know that many sophisticated journalists with impressive degrees don't give a shit, really, for what happens here and, like the grackles on our bird feeder, rather enjoy puffing up their peculiar feathers with feigned superiority at the hayseeds who call small towns home. 

That having been said, I think the parents who left that toy-that-wasn't-a-toy rifle around for their five-year-old are guilty of criminal negligence. Buying a "toy" .22 for a five-year-old is a form of child abuse.  Gun-lovers should teach their kids responsible gun safety, even when those kids are children; but to leave a loaded "toy rifle" (talk about oxymoron) around is--you fill in the adjective, if you can find one.

That having been said, I don't know that the law should intrude here, should send Mom and Dad off to jail for being so catastrophically negligent. Can anyone get a more horrible penalty than losing a child?  Aren't they already serving a life sentence for what they didn't do?

That having been said, I think a company that specifically manufactures guns for five-year-olds--you can even get one in pink!--should cease and desist. I think any thoughtful human being who works for that outfit-- front office or shipping room--should begin, today, sending out resumes. The world would be better off without that evil enterprise.

That having been said, I'm sure Wayne LaPierre and the NRA crowd will be quick to point out that the Senate's failed legislation wouldn't have stopped those Burkesville parents from buying their five-year-old a .22 rifle either.  See? See?

That having been said, I wish someone from Burkesville would punch Wayne La Pierre.

That having been said, it's probably good for all of us to remind ourselves that in Burkesville, Kentucky, today, there's a little boy, barely a kindergartner, who knows only this much: that he pulled the trigger of a little rifle he probably loved and shouldn't have had in his hands, and will therefore never, ever play with his little sister again. 


Anonymous said...

If you could write with the same righteous indignation about Obama and the pro-aborts who have slaughtered over 40 million innocent children, I could maybe buy what you wrote.

That having been said, James Calvin, your line of crap is phony to the core.

Anonymous said...

and let's not forget that our illustrious leader "Praised" planned parenthood and blessed them. With whose god, I don't know????

Anonymous said...

who's,...sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

I think you should listen to your mother on the abortion issue. She is right on, do not ignore her on this one.

By the way, I have have followed your logic and have heard nothing from you about banning pressure cookers, cars and knives. What gives?

Anonymous said...

In Suffolk, Va., two 2nd graders were suspended for pointing pencils at each other. 1 was pretending to be a Marine, the other was a BAD guy. Both suspended from school for the NO-TOLERANCE code....I guess they should've gotten a "PERMIT."

Anonymous said...

Re-read the blog post.

"Outrage For the Sake of Outrage" or "Straining a Nat" would have made more appropriate titles.

Anonymous said...

"Let him/her who is without sin cast the first stone". Beware your accusations. They have a way of coming back at you.

Anonymous said...

Christians are required to judge other Christians, read I Corinthians 6.

Iron sharpens iron.

Anonymous said...

Looking for some authentic outrage... Gosnel trial or Benghazi hearings... what ya got?