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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Who's building what in Texas?

It's impossible not to call illegal immigration a mixed blessing, which is to say, it cuts both ways. A two-part story on NPR documents the tremendous blessing illegal immigration is to new home buyers in Texas.  Because of it, they get monstrous discounts beneath the price they'd pay if the construction industry paid their help--much of it illegal--a living wage. 

However, illegals grab thousands of jobs that would otherwise go to American citizens because they'll do them for peanuts, which is to say, for less than what we might call a living wage, a wage that enables someone to live at a certain level. Employers like that, so do home buyers, and so do illegals.  Ostensibly, if this country's high school grads would all work for $70 a day, a going wage in Texas construction market, there'd be no unemployment and no illegal workforce.  But they won't, in part because they can't.  

In Sioux County terms, if ordinary high school grads were looking for work at the level illegals are paid to milk cows or pack meat, there would be plenty of jobs here too because most employers would just as soon have a legal work force and avoid the immigration hassles.  The problem is--as they'll be happy to tell you--they can't get help at the price they pay for illegals.

Thus, even in an overwhelmingly rock-sold Republican corner of the world like this, there's not all that much spit and vinegar about illegal immigration because, dang it, for almost everyone, illegals are good for the pocket book, especially in a place like this that doesn't suffer from high rates of unemployment.

There are new arguments on the horizon.  Get this--someday soon, employers here who rely on illegal help may be really hurting because a rising middle class in Mexico (higher wages, smaller families) makes life south of the border more of a comfort and a promise. Should that happen, employers who create jobs presently taken by illegals would almost necessarily have to pay more to garner a native work force, which would, resultingly, push prices up, which would, resultingly, make all us pay more for just about everything. And who would stand for that?

The bottom line goes like this: in Texas, houses are cheap because workers are cheap. Everyone's happy, right?  The only ones hurt are young citizen workers who can barely live on $12 an hour--well, and the illegals, who have no insurance or benefits or medical care, and often, reportedly, work in conditions no union would tolerate.  But then, unions are evil.

It's an intensely complex problem. If news sources are accurate, there's change a'comin'. Republicans can only win off-year, shoe-in contests without somehow gathering a following among this country's rising Hispanic population, a population obviously turned off by the insane Republican rhetoric of the last Presidential campaign.  Nutty Republican babbling must end, or so says Reince Priebus, Bobby Jindal, Michael Gerson, and Joe Scarborough, to name a few.

Untangling the mess of 11.1 million people doing America's grunt work (and more) at the same time they're keeping prices for just about everything way, way down is going to take more than a Great Wall on our southern border. 

Things will change. They will have to. 


Anonymous said...

Not to worry Jim, it's all about votes. And the Dem's will always offer more so they will always win.As we know, there are far more poor people, that's a given. Your party is sitting well. Always will!

Anonymous said...

and with d. rodman our AMbsdr. to N.Korea and Jay Z our spokeperson to Cuba............I feel Soooooo much better, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for having the guts to speak the truth! Poor repubs?

Anonymous said...

Well JCS, it depends whose ox is getting gored...illegal is illegal.

Those who come here legally and complete the legal requirements to earn citizenship are getting screwed.

Those who hire illegals are illegal too. Two wrongs never make a right. Lefty fuzzy math might make that work.

"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." [in this case hi-jack votes.]

This crisis is a boon for the Dem party who provides these illegals with a never ending pile of handouts in exchange for votes. Slick!

Anonymous said...

Surely, illegals can't vote! We legally lived in the USA for 14 years and were never allowed to vote. We didn't become American citizens. We were taxed, of course, despite the slogan "No taxation without representation." We were not even allowed to vote in local elections, despite being property owners. So Dems can't offer handouts for votes to illegals. If they ever are allowed to become USA citizens they may well vote democratic, but that is a long way off!

Anonymous said...

Native People who still live the US of A might have worthy view about all these "illegals" and their power to use and control the lives of humble Native Peoples. So who really got here first,and how did they do it? SOMBODY once said "love your neighbor" Who is your neighbor?

Anonymous said...

Illegal is illegal. What else is there to say? Without justice there is no mercy. Read Romans, the Apostle Paul got it right.

We need to recognize our lostness, in order to recognize our need for being found by Jesus Christ.

Illegal need to repent, make amends and accept the mercy that may follow......