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Monday, December 24, 2012

The Cross and the Elephant

A few of angry moderate Republicans in Woodbury County, Iowa, sounded off in yesterday's Sioux City Journal, making clear how much they resented the takeover of the local Republican party by those they consider evangelical radicals. That story is, of course, far bigger than what happens where the Missouri meets the Floyd and the Big Sioux. It's huge. And that story is--or so it seems after the election--a major problem for the Republicans.

Should Republicans continue to bow to the religious right? If the answer is "no," Republicans lose because Christian fundamentalists hold massive power in the party and are, in fact, its very engine. Without them, Republicans are toast.

With them, however, they are too. Doubt that? Romney, reportedly, is still shell-shocked by his demeaning second place finish, as are those millions who absolutely hate Obama, for whatever reason. But the forces that believe Roe v. Wade and gay marriage are the only issues worth considering are simply not a majority culture--and, if Pew Research is right, they won't be in the future either, not with the sharp rise of the "nones," people who simply opt out of church altogether.  The religious right, in national elections, are going to be losers too, until they take over the government, which isn't likely any day soon.

A preacher in a Sioux City mega-church, whose congregants have apparently taken over the Woodbury County's  Republican party, really doesn't give a hoot about Republicans anyway.  He's quoted this way:  "I push principles. I am not a big fan of the Republican Party. I'm really annoyed with them, frankly."

If he's at the heart of the engine presently running the Republican factory, there's trouble in quality control.  His reason for political involvement with the party at all is because, as he puts it, the Republican Party "very much lines up with the biblical worldview."

Emphasis on the. Clearly, it's his way or the highway. He's really not into teamwork or politics, which still is, as it always has been, the art of compromise  In a way, it would be wonderful if there was only one "biblical worldview," but if that were true I'm guessing those of us who are professing Christians wouldn't so much be worshiping God as bowing to a political platform. And what exactly makes him think that he alone has the patent on Truth?

How it all works out--in Woodbury County, as well as America in general--will be a story all right, a story that affects all of us, maybe especially those of us who are believing Christians.


Anonymous said...
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dutchoven said...

I vote Republican, oh...toss in a Democrat or two who I feel need my vote because of their exemplary lives, but mostly Republican because I believe in the sanctity of life and the preservation of marriage of a man and woman. So what type of leader must I want? Well, I want a servant leader- one who will in the "black hole of sorrow" shed a tear, at the point of hideous disaster- stand firm...albeit perhaps wrong, but firm in the desire to do right. Is Obama one, he has demonstrated that; would Romney done that- I believe his record(perhaps his mouth not)has demonstrated that. We don't need someone who pounds the podium and demands our soul on the issue, but we need a "Christlike" leader who whispers- come to me and I will give you peace. Obama...pick a Republican...well we know what we've got, its just we want more. Some say Romney was born with a "silver spoon" in his life, well he was- much like many presidents and presidential contenders in the past; but what would he have done with that spoon- bang on the table, or feed the hungry...we will never know, but there are those who don't want to know- just push an agenda. Compassion, contriteness...a couple of other qualities needed for a leader...well, let's pray at Christmas that we will have one in the new year!


God will prevail.