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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Rove Roast

I admit it. I occasionally feel more than a little guilt for abandoning my fellow evangelicals, who voted overwhelmingly, four to one in fact, for Mitt Romney.  Get this:  83.5% of my neighbors in this county did the same thing. Good night, I'm a minority!  Like I said, I do feel some guilt because I have some sympathy for those who wanted Mitt because he offered the most sturdy opposition to abortion. I get that.

I love my mother, who is, as many are, single-issue here: she believes abortion should be spelled a-b-o-m-i-n-a-t-i-o-n, and she'll get on the bandwagon of whichever politician claims he'll do what he or she can to shut down Roe v. Wade. When she thinks politics, she visualizes little babies, dead. Along the way, she's bought into a ton of the fear Republican forces sell like indulgences--like, Obama's a Muslim supporting Sharia law, or he's a communist, or he's the anti-Christ, attitudes that would be plain silly if they weren't so evil.

I have great sympathy for my mother's view of things because I too oppose abortion, but I'm not as sure as she is that it's something the government can end. I also believe that it's my belief, a tenet of my faith, that a fetus is, in fact, a living human being. My mother thinks we live in a Christian nation. I think we're pluralist. She thinks her faith should be law. I get that, but I don't believe it, and I don't want to fight because in opposing her faith I start to look, to her, uncomfortably like the enemy, which is to say, Satan. I get that too.

To my  mother, gay marriage is another abomination, a sign of the times, of the end times. Jesus is coming again, and soon, she'll say, because we're actually allowing two people of the same sex to love each other. I understand her, I even sympathize with her, but I don't share her desperation. To me, at best, gay marriage is a wedge issue. 

There are wonderful, Christian people--millions of them--who line up on the political stage as true blue Republicans simply because of those two issues, issues that are, to them, foundational, bottom-line positions. They can't imagine that good Christians could possibly see things differently. They honestly believe that the God of heaven and earth, the Creator of the Universe, and Jesus Christ, his son, wanted Mitt; but some would say--maybe even my mom--that on Tuesday the powers of darkness triumphed.

I think they're wrong, but for them I have some sympathy. Good people who see abortion and gay marriage as the root of all political evil I understand. I don't agree, but I understand. 

But pardon me for gloating about Karl Rove. I know--gloating is unbecoming, even sin. But if Karl Rove is on the rack post-election, forgive me for smiling. Citizens United triumphed in the Supreme Court, but lost, big-time, on Tuesday.

Brother Karl is roasting over an open pit because America's super rich, rock-solid conservatives, doled out hundreds of millions to support forces sworn to bring down the socialist in Washington and got absolutely nothing in return. Pardon my sheer, unadulterated glee that those overflowing right-wing treasure chests were depleted, then defeated by a coalition of brown people and unmarried women, along with just 14% of Sioux County, Iowa. I love it.  I doubt, seriously, that Shel Adelson, the casino king, shares my mother's passion about abortion; the man worships at the altar of free enterprise.  

This morning, I'm a real sinner because I'm just lovin' the woe that befell the Republican fat cats who didn't make the killing they assumed their bucks would buy them. Those gadzillions of dollars went down a drain and into the sewer. I like that.  There's still justice in this world.  

I know, I know--it's not Christian of me to take pleasure at suffering, at the kind of sneering I'm doing. But I'm not the only one who did such a thing.  Seems to me I know a Galilean who at least shook his head, too.


Anonymous said...

Well, some may not like it, but the answer is 32,500 yrs.....the pt. I'd like to bring up is this overwhelming idea that if we tax them god-awfull rich people everything will be's some facts from the IOWAHAWK... there are 116M homes in Amer., 1.93% make over $250K, thats 2.238M homes. Tax all those people 100% and you get $1.412T....maybe 9% of the debt....and to tax those people would be economic suicide...if you don't think so, ask yourself this question, when was the last time a poor person offered you a job? This country is on a runaway train in debt and there seems to be no one, no way to stop it. Our children and grandkids WILL BE the ones who reap our sowing.

rick mcnamara said...

rove roast is excellent!

Anonymous said...

Let's imagine that water is just like money to a farmer in Iowa. Good rains increase the chances of a good crop. Now let's suppose that a few rich guys in New York controlled most of the water in Iowa and wouldn't share it with the farmers who depended upon it for their farms. An Iowa drought would then occur just like the drought we are experiencing in the South West. But if the rich guys would release more rain from their water tanks, the Iowa farmers would have good crops and an income . The the farmers could buy all the stuff the needed from the rich guys who would also make more money. Taxation is one way of getting water from the rich guys so they can support their dreams of getting richer, and then run for political office.

Anonymous said...

Why not go back to the good old style Roman Catholic Church that controlled governments, people and access to eternity? It seems that the "Reformed Tradition" believes God has the power to choose our coming and going and eternal destiny. Why then should we judge a woman's choices regarding her destiny? Did God enable Adam and Eve to make choices that have affected each one of us? What does LOVE have to do with how we judge our nieghbor?

Anonymous said...

Support gay marrages so the genetic predisposition to same sex preference will not be passed on to children in the human gene pool. Forcing homosexuals into heterosexual marrages to raise children so they can become "acceptable" is not the answer to either side of the issue.

Anonymous said...

Your last paragraph made me sad.
Check this out:

Anonymous said...

Karl Rove is not one of my favorite people to be sure, but neither are a lot of other politicians. Harry Reed probably tops my list of least favorite. For being a common man, he sure has accumulated a lot of wealth along with many others in the world of politics that didn't have wealth to this degree when they began in office. I doubt that whether they are red or blue makes much difference. I doubt that the supporters of the dems are any less wealthy than the other side, so why hate just the red politicians that have money and their friends? I suspect that a lot of stimulus money went into their pockets as it sure didn't stimulate our economy into wealth or into shovel ready jobs. Before he was elected, I heard over and over how terrible Bush was for putting us in debt from the dem supporters, and now they are quiet and want social borrowing money we don't have. This increasing debt load, dumped us in a whole wagon load of debt that smells like manure happened. I doubt we will be gloating for long, either side, as a debt crisis is growing and has consquences that effect all. I wonder and doubt that even if Mitt had been elected that he could turn the tide. Yes, the dems want to be known as the party that helps the poor and loves the brown colored skin poeple so much more than the red politicians, and paint the other side as lining the pockets of the rich and caring nothing for others. The political artist of the blue politicians did a superb job of painting that in the minds of those who desired to hear that they would be receiving aide for school, health, foodstamps, etc.. The red tried hard to paint a different picutre, but their painting failed. Ironically they bought the lie hook, line and sinker even though they received little to nothing and Obama's administration deported more illegals than any other president. I have a friend in prison right now waiting to be deported with kids here in Iowa. I don't believe there are any winners in this election really. Sadly, the only change we will probably see is the social issues. Ah, but you can't legislate morality, but then it becomes everyone doing whatever seemed right in their own eyes and ironically you have legislated immorality. I agree we are today hardly a Christian Nation anymore as so many beliefs have interwoven into our fabric of society. Yes, hose who vote according to the issues are called one issue voters, but that one issue, abortion, that takes a life often also tells how they view so much more in life and how that foundation of belief system is played out in all of life. I was told not to be one, and yet what did Obama spend a lot of time on...unraveling moral issues.

Anonymous said...

You wrote:

"This morning, I'm a real sinner because I'm just lovin' the woe that befell the Republican fat cats who didn't make the killing they assumed their bucks would buy them. Those gadzillions of dollars went down a drain and into the sewer. I like that. There's still justice in this world. "

Obama and the Hollywood fat cats spent more money on the election that Karl Rove and the Republicans. Your class-envy argument does not hold any water. Don't you want everyone to be rich like Job of the Old Testament?

Ok the lefties won. Now the ball is in your court. Fix the economy. We will watch as this country goes over the cliff.

Regarding one issue voting. I agree with the person who posted ahed of me. "Yes, those who vote according to the issues are called one issue voters, but that one issue, abortion, that takes a life often also tells how they view so much more in life and how that foundation of belief system is played out in all of life." Jim, I think you need to examine the foundations to your belief system and listen to your mother.

princetontels said...

Thanks Jim. Just discovered your blog. I love it!

Anonymous said...

I wish those God fearing Repubs would stop trying to push US over that Bush cliff, now that the people have voted. Then perhaps you and your Job buddies could pay a little more of your precious tax dollars so we, US, could save those unwanted children, you seem to care about, from despair, abandonment and premature death.

Anonymous said...

Hey dude? You ever hear of spending less?