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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

O'Reilly and me and the white Christian males

Bill O'Reilly isn't wrong. As he said notably last night on Fox News, this isn't "traditional America anymore."  Traditional isn't even a code word for "white"; a couple years ago already, in an interview with Sen. John McCain, O'Reilly rather famously made the same claim with deliberate use of race and faith and gender, when he said that the New York  Times wanted to break down the "white, Christian, male power structure" (note the quotes--I'm not making this up).

Look, last night Barack Obama got all the African-American votes except that of Florida's Rep. Alan West, who, remarkably, lost his seat and megaphone. What's more, Obama got most of the Latino vote--surprise, surprise. He also came away with a decided edge in the women's vote.  What I'm saying is that O'Reilly's right on the money:  Obama won with a coalition that included very few members of the "white, Christian male power structure."  Obama's black, or at least half African-American, folks:  you're right--he's different, even if his life story is far more traditionally rags-to-riches than is Mitt's.

Last week I went hunting with a great group of guys, and I loved it. I quit early because I had to, but the company was just wonderful.  We had a great time, raised oodles of money for Christian schools, and got along famously. What tree-huggers don't understand about hunters is that few Americans love the outdoors as passionately as they do. The weather was fine, the birds were plentiful, and a great time was had by all--me too.

The gathering was white and it was Christian and it was male, totally--as am I. It's gloriously comfortable to hang out with guys, talk like guys, act like guys, be like guys--you know.  But very much alive in that lodge was the unwarranted expectation that every last one of us shared a bloody hatred for Barack Obama. It was simply assumed. After all, hey, we get it, right? I didn't say a thing because I was their guest, I didn't want to rain on their parade, and besides, I'm not into martyrdom. 

What I'm saying is, it's pure joy to sit around in the fort and shoot the bull with the boys. It's great to share values, even to be part of the "white, Christian, male power structure." I know because I am.  

But in life outside the fort, out there in the public square at least, the days of power are numbered; and I, for one, think it's a good thing.

It's useful to remember that the Latinos who've reshaped the aisles of our grocery stores, even in Sioux County, Iowa, are here because the "white Christian, male power structure" hired them.  Alan West is history, Michele Bachmann barely escaped, but Steve King, who considers himself a four-star general in the white Christian, male army, will live to spout his Custer-like silliness again, even though there's not a soul in white, Christian Sioux County who doesn't know that if King would line up a gadzillion buses and send all the Latino help back south, our economy, run by white Christian men, would take a gut shot that would leave it staggering.

We don't live in the world of Mad Men or Ozzie and Harriet or John Wayne Westerns; it's not, as O'Reilly says, "traditional America" anymore. Life is good in the hunting lodge, but the public square isn't the hunting lodge.

We're going to have to live together, and white Christian males are going to have to try to figure out how they're going to do that because otherwise they're going to lose, again and again, just as they did last night, in an understandable, tragic sense, victims of their own hiring.


Anonymous said...

And then there is Jesus (christian?) in all of this. How did he deal with the good old boys of his time and His New Life?

Anonymous said...

Jesus had to rebuke his disciples when they wanted to exclude children ("Suffer not the children to come to me") and women, Samaritan or not, slaves, etc. I'm looking forward to the Kingdom where every kind of person will be present and blessed.

anonymous said...

Think this side should be considered.First of all if whoever wrote that and claims themself a christian thats a pure shame. They are part of the pure arrogance that is making the republican party weaker.  What i mean is this, first the problem of racism, there are stereotypical colored thugs, gangstas, drug cartel people ya. However, there are also GOD fearing and loving colored people as well. I work withan african american resident at the hospital,hes in his late 20s and is verrrry conservative, and did not vote for obama. Whats also is interesting is i forget exactly where but he moved to the states for medical school from africa and is from not too far from where obama spent a short time of his life there. In comparison our white race hasnt exactly been all beautifully successfull and the perfect race. Take your blinders off people and look outside of your perfect little northwest iowa. I dare say here that > 90% of the beggers you see panhandling are white... and they are males.  The white males are looking really good now. Right? Lets not even look at drug addicts, rapists. But if you havent changed your mind yet then mayb you should contine researching.So i guess you with passing this on must really think that when GOD created us the white race had an extra ingredient put into us to make us more supreme over the others. Its funny because our sermon in iur church on sunday was about how a lot of us routine church goers have the 2 thumbs pointing back at ourselves constantly thinking "IM AWESOME".And by people proclaiming they are christians and giving off this attitude we turning more away from not only our republican party but also from our eternal life party. That is not what we are called to do.Also yes as a white race at times it does feel as if we are sometimes the ones on the outs politically, you never hear something "racist" happen to a white person. Right?  However continuing this attitude of how the whites, and even how white males are the supreme race is just giving the minorities who dont think they have enough power more ammunition and is making the wall between us even bigger.  You think if Jesus was here he would vote for someone depending on their race, heal only the white, and only take white people to heaven?? Ya i didnt vote for obama. I am not a fan, but it wasnt because of his skin color. Id sure hope people arent that shallow, however much of sioux county is. Yep i said it.  Whether theyll admit it or not thats between them and Jesus and theyre two thumbs pointing back at themselves "AINT I GREAT"I dont know of anyone who likes to be around someone who is so arrogant to anyone who challenges their beliefs or their way of thinking and thinks so very highly of themself. Its annoying and you push people away. Thats not our calling if we call ourselves christians.THEREFORE GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONSMatthew 28: 19

Anonymous said...

The homework for tonite: Let's assume we are able to pay $20 a second off of our Nat. debt. How many yrs. will it take?....cause in 2016, the debt WILL BE $20,000,000,000,000.

anonymous said...

I would like to see the authors response to previous posts.
And to the above post: i dont think your getting the point of this article. We all know nation is in debt. Continue wasting your time with senseless mathematic problems (and blogging them) or read the topic at hand.

Anonymous said...

King stands up for law. Vilsack losing is one bright gem in an otherwise sad election. While I agree that whites are no better then any other race it would do you well not to stereotype white males. Lumping them all together into a collective group is saying the same thing that you speak against in your writing. If you said this about any other race I think it would come across as racism, don't you?

The gook said...

Well sure you make a point its not the 1940's but that doesnt change the fact of what a man is whatever ethnicity he is. I have latino, white and African who agree with me that Obama is a wrong choice do to the fact he is a failure as strong man of faith and encourages the steps towards Old England during colonial times he is becoming the Old school white man traditionalist that you so fear.

rick mcnamara said...

to paraphrase a republican's comment wed--a arty that's 90% white can no longer be a viable political force nationally.

rick mcnamara said...

sorry--should be "party". rick mcnamara

Anonymous said...

How are we going to pay off the national debt if it's only the one percent of the rich guys who have the most money and they are not going to share their birthday cake.

Anonymous said...

Are those "rich guys" men or women? Hah, silly me.