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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Where the river bends

Mitt would count them in his column, I'm sure.  After all, they certainly aren't part of the 47% of us who leech off the nanny state.  No, sireee.  Ain't nobody in the bunch who doesn't pull his own weight.  I'm talking about the beavers up stream from our place, a community of folks who've been doing what beavers have been doing for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, damning the river.  You can see it here just around the curve to the west, a bunch of stones they must have dragged into the flow, as well as a ton of brush.

Here it is up close.

They've been busy, well, as beavers are, I suppose. Of course, building a dam is a matter of survival; they're not just looking to make a lake for their jet skis.  The dam is the means by which they stay alive--they've got to get the river up high enough so that, under water, they can get into the dens they make in the banks and keep out whatever unwelcome guests may saunter into the neighborhood. It's hard work, but they do it, like decent hard-working Americans. Welfare's a dirty word.

Here's their Highway 60. I've never spotted a one of them, but you can't help but be impressed by their infrastructure.  This path is theirs, almost big enough to drive a truck through.

Well-kept streets and roads are required to get their raw materials dragged down to water, and right there where the Floyd takes an about face there are but few trees, maybe a couple dozen saplings, most of them now chewed off and lugged down this path, then set in place in the dam. Look here at what's left all those young trees, everyone of them gnawed down to spear points.

So much for the saplings. But it has to be done, and they'll grow back.

You know, I'm not totally sure they're so much in Mitt's column as they are in Obama's.  After all, there are no fat cats here, not a fancy Lexus in sight. Truth be known, they share the same holes, the same dens--how unAmerican is that?  They're far more Hutterite, far more Lakota than Tea Party-ers; and if any of them ever read Ayn Rynd, it's clear that she made no disciples because the only way to stay alive for this bunch of nose-to-the-grinders is to work together, communitarian-like.  Shoot, why not use the C-word?  These neighbors of ours, these beavers, are really communists, which means they've got to be for Obama.  You just don't build something like this without working together, and I don't think there's an office out there for Bain Capital. I'm not sure, but they may even be union. Okay, that's may be going too far.

I can stand up here above all their hard work and look over miles and miles of rich Iowa farmland, an eco-system of tall-grass prairie now largely gone.  Once upon a time it covered an expanse of grassland a couple of states-wide, like nothing Lewis and Clark had ever seen before.  Today, that eco-system is 99% vanished.  Today it's all Big Macs and ethanol and agri-business.

But the beaver are still here. There's something about that I like.  

Long, long ago, some French-speaking trapper might have stopped and set camp right here where the Floyd once decided to take a sharp right hand turn on its wily course to the Missouri. Right here, once upon a time, when buffalo still roamed, that French trapper might have stood right where I did yesterday and figured he could get himself a hide or two out of this sweet river bend.  Maybe he wasn't French.  Maybe he was Yankton Sioux, looking for pelts to trade to the Frenchman. 

The world has changed here immensely. This year, the harvest is almost completely in, almost a month early. The fields are bare naked all around.

But I rather like the fact that just up river a piece from the place where we live, a gang of beavers is still around, busy as beavers always are, backing up a goodly chunk of river that's become much deeper than the trickle they send merrily downstream.  Look here for yourself. All that hard work is purposeful.

They're still here. I don't know that they'll pay much attention to the debate.  Westel doesn't bring cable out into the country, so these folks would have to have Direct TV and I saw no steely receivers in the long grass. Of course, the Floyd beavers have already seen a lot in their time--the coming of the white man, floods and drought, maybe even an ox-bow or two or three. What's another debate? another election?

They're still here. Look for yourself. They're still doing what beavers do, what they've always done.  

I like that.


SD Gal said...

Well, you know we don't agree on politics at all, but I would like to tell you something. I went to a Hutterite colony last night to give them applications to fill for absentee ballots. They have no respect for Obama. Whoa...I won't even write their comments. Basically Hutterites are very pro-family and very pro-life so that is one issue but they have other things too.

Anonymous said...

Damming rivers, yes, that's beaver creativity in action.

Anonymous said...

Go beavers. Go Obama. Go (the apparent) 47 per cent who leech off the rest. Let's get those dams built. Let's get working again. Let's beat Mitt.

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia has an interesting piece on the Hutterite Communities. It is reported that the Schmiedelent colonies settled in the Dakotas and Minnesota.They created a turkey processing center in South Dakota. "The plant hired non-Hutterite staff to process the poultry for market" I wonder how much melanin those hired workers had in their skin. Obama would surely have more melanin than farmer Mitt or the average Hutterite. It takes a beaver to appreciate another beaver even if the amount of their melanin may be different than their beaver neighbor.

Anonymous said...

Ipana...Ipana it's dandy for your teeth.

Those awful beavers ran a commercial years ago. Always trying to make a buck... don't they know that they were providing a poor example for lefty beavers...?

Always working and providing for themselves...what the heck was wrong with them?

They should unionize, strike, sit on their butts, collect welfare, and tantrum until they get their own way. As good communists in the collective they should vote to tax the rich and get their entitled fair share.

Hasn't anyone told them that they are screwing up the environment?

Leave it to the beavers...

Anonymous said...

You need a little more Melanin brother. It is said that it can do wonders for ones heart.

Anonymous said...

I am also reminded of the bee hive. There is a queen, workers and drones. You need the queen or you won't continue the hive. The workers protect the queen. All kinds of nature to draw thoughts from.