Morning Thanks

Garrison Keillor once said we'd all be better off if we all started the day by giving thanks for just one thing. I'll try.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Morning Thanks--this morning's cool breeze

Outside my windows, the wind is rustling the shiny leaves of the old cottonwood, a particular, scratchy sound that feels, somehow, like fall. The high today--forecasters say--will be 79, the wind north, northwest.  We suffered a walloping storm last night that shivered the timbers all over this place, 60 mph winds that rattled inside and out. Right now, it's still very dark, and I've yet to assess the damage.

But nothing fell greatly on the house, which means almost anything else can be cleaned up--and I'm now the owner/operator of two chain saws, two more than I've ever owned in my life.

In the twinkling of an eye, it seems, miles and miles' of soybean fields have thrown on a yellow coat. Just about every year I'm surprised by how fast those fields turn--one day forest green, the next day gold. The landscape all around looks autumn-ish.

This morning we'll rejoice in the temperature of the breeze coming in through the west windows.  It's cool.  Ever since we moved into this house, anything less than 90 degrees seemed like relief, yesterday yet another scorcher.  But I checked's handy ten-day forecast just now, and this morning there's not a ninety in sight.  

A dry NW wind, leaves already falling all over the yard, and fifty-degree nights all portend what Labor Day signals: summer, thank goodness, is soon to be history.

And what a summer, hot like you wouldn't believe, more 100-degree days than I can remember, anything mid-80s pure relief. 

Here's my take, for better or for worse. You tend to believe those whose scientific knowledge surpasses yours--in my case, that's a goodly number--and those who you trust. I don't know if global warming is caused by our overuse of fossil fuels. I don't know if Obama's backing away from the transcontinental pipeline is the right thing to do or a concession to those socialist environmentalists who seek this country's doom by sending us back outside to pit toilets.  I don't know the facts. What I do know is that somehow most all facts can lie.  

But the people whose view of God and nature and mankind I trust all insist that our hot summer has at least something to do with what we do and not just what nature has always done. The people I trust--the colleagues I taught with--don't scream bloody murder at the horrors we perpetuate on the environment, but  insist, boldly, that we need to find better ways of sustaining much more than our GNP.  I don't claim to know--I only believe.

What I know, however, is that this morning, even though it's dark as night outside, those cottonwood leaves are dancing in a cool northwest wind coming into my study through a pair of half-open windows. Maybe--just maybe--the 90s are behind us, the 100s gone.  Maybe the heat is finally over.  Maybe it's fall.

We're a finicky lot of fair-weatherers, of course.  Come January, I'll be sick and tired of windows that can't be opened, of northwest winds that rip your face off, and of sheer, numbing cold.  I'll be thinking blissfully of summer.  But right now all that harvest gold around me here in Siouxland is just about the most fulsome blessing I could imagine.  

The seasons are changing.  Hallelujah!  Reason enough for morning thanks.


Anonymous said...

It's all about the thermometer.

Thermometer. We all learned to read one in grade school. It tells the temperature. Lefties and righties can not get this wrong.

What the heck happened? Are some taking it rectally and others orally?

I can not figure this temperature crap out and that raises my blood pressure. I hope I read my cuff right!

Anonymous said...

Great photo of those buffalo comming over the hill behind the bean field. Just like the good old days. To get some help in figuring out "this temperature crap" go to This "crap" is your friendly CO2. It makes those beans grow and a lot more .

Anonymous said...

meanwhile, back at the DNC, GOD's name has been dropped from the DNC platform and in it's video has proclaimed that the Govn't is the only thing WE belong to....

Anonymous said... research has to be be based on "cause and effect" conclusions. It is not... read the thermometer! It does have its cycles of ups and downs but no alarm needed. Forest fires and volcanoes have been leaving a carbon foot print for years. My campfire does not compare. looks to me like the lefty "ozone scare" and the "population explosion scare". I haven't heard a peep about those scares for years. Lefties always got to be rescuing us from something.

The lefty conclusion is that all of us who don't buy this scare crap want dirty water and air. Wrong again!

We want accurate, honest readings from the thermometer! It is all about the thermometer!

Anonymous said...

"It is all about the thermometer!" Great , you are starting to get it. The build up of CO2 in the atmosphere is changing the earth's temperature and climate, as the thermometers indicate. Check out the Glacier National Park as soon as you can.

Anonymous said...

If God's presence is in ones inner being, heart, one does not need to plaster a "name " all around to prove it. By your works they will know etc. Check out Matthew 5, 6, and 7 to hear what Jesus had to say about these things. "Blessed are the......"

Anonymous said...

"The build up of CO2 in the atmosphere is changing the earth's temperature and climate..."

Who says that is true? Al Gore? Think his wife believes him? Many reputable scientists disagree with your claim.

I think is time to find common ground.

May I suggest that there are other important environmental issues that you might consider as important as your CO2 footprint theory.

1. Syria has chemical weapons that could fall in the hands of terrorist groups. Our environment and many lives could be adversely affected by their use.

2. Iran is manufacturing nuclear bombs and those could fall in the hands of terrorist groups.Our environment and many lives could be adversely affected by their use.

3. The most deadly, widespread environmental problem is the invasion of the amniotic fluid by foreign instruments and solutions causing the premature deaths of millions of innocent babies. Many lives are adversely affected by this practice.

All three environmental issues are factually documented by those on the right and the left.

Anonymous said...

"the invasion of the amniotic fluid by foreign instruments" is China's CO2. I think you are starting to catch on, good job. Polution from Syria and Iran represent just a drop in the bucket.

Anonymous said...

C02 may not be threat at all. No "cause & effect" evidence to support the theory.

Sorry you do not get it! Some folks never will...

Please tell Obama not to pour my tax dollars down anymore Solindra rat holes. Let's leave that up to Bain Capital and others who invest private dollars.

Anonymous said...

GW Bush was another aspect of your good investments? Bain is just vain to those who are being pushed out of the middle class.

Anonymous said...

Last time I looked, GWB was not on the ticket.

No baseball manager has the luxuary of using as an excuse the mess the previous manager left him. No blaming. No victims.

Suck it up BO.