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Friday, July 27, 2012


We now get our news a day late.  Does that mean the news is not news?

We've had cable for years, despite the fact that, when we got it, our then third-grade daughter announced that she'd learned, on the school bus, that only public school kids had cable.  She wasn't one of them.  When she announced that at the dinner table, I knew it was time for us to get cable.

What I mean is, we've had it forever, and, embarrassingly, I have to admit that I never used it all that much--certainly not enough for it to earn its considerable keep.  Except news.  I can be--okay, I am--a news junkie, a political hack who loves to watch MSNBC and FOX news go to war and CNN try its level best to keep an audience these days without shouting.

But when we moved to the country, we were told that cable wasn't available outside of town, which left, as the only recourse, one of those gray ears on the front lawn. The previous owner had Direct TV and didn't like it much, despite the fact that it had a far richer selection of religious programming, he says, that he can get today from overchurched Orange City.  

So I tried Dish because I figured could trust the local distributorship; but when the installer came out and checked the yard he told me reception was going to be impossible unless I felled three trees or dug a trench half way out into the next door's alfalfa.  Won't work, he said, not the way things stand here. 

Here's the thing.  I think I've become a sweeter man.  There's no more shouting coming from the TV at supper time, no more p.o.-ed politicians rambling through stump speeches, no more over-cooked rhetoric or gotcha questions--no more flapping tongues.  You watch the news a day late and it generates a generous apathy--"oh, so that's what was hot yesterday?--big deal.  I think I'll go out a chop wood."

What I'm saying is, I'm a whole lot better human being.  I'm not as mad.  I avoid argument.  I haven't heard a word out of loudmouth House Republicans since we've left town.  I'm everything Thomas Jefferson thought I'd be out here in the near wilderness, an blessed American agrarian.

But the internet provider now says we'll likely have cable available by fall, in time for the election. 

Well, so much for righteousness.

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Anonymous said...

"I haven't heard a word out of loudmouth House Republicans since we've left town."

In order to keep your blog fair and balanced,

I'll bet you haven't heard any lefty, spend thrifts, pro-aborts shooting their mouths off since you've left town either.