Morning Thanks

Garrison Keillor once said we'd all be better off if we all started the day by giving thanks for just one thing. I'll try.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Morning Thanks--leaving north

It's later than normal this summer, and it's slightly complicated by a speaking gig on the way up to northern Minnesota, but it's about to start--we'll be loading ye olde Buick this afternoon in preparation for our annual Minnesota pilgrimage.

The lights went out last night in the Minnesota government. The governor--a Democrat--is decidedly at odds with the Republican legislature about how best to accomplish belt-tightening everyone appears to agree must go on. The culprit is either a range of all-too-fleshy government programs or the all-too-fleshy finances of the super rich. Sound familiar?

Even though the state shut down last night, by four or so this afternoon we'll go about an hour north and cross the line, hoping to see fewer highway patrolmen, maybe--then head, gloriously, "up north." I bought my fishing license on line yesterday, and we're booked and in at all three of our stops. Don't know if we'll suffer from the government shut down, but I doubt it.

Life will go on. Except for us, in a way. For a week or more, it'll slow down nicely. We'll eat well, take more time with meals, read, write, fish, bike, hike, and occasionally shop. We'll be all by our lonesomes up there, on the lake, Minnesota Public Radio on all day long. This morning's thanks, as you might guess, are for vacations.

Which is where we'll soon be. Won't be the only ones either. So will the government.


Sharla said...

Ah, listening to Minnesota Public Radio all day on vacation ... what could be better? I'm with you on that one--notwithstanding the fact that ALL of my former students and probably most of yours would consider both of us to be losing our marbles over that comment.

Anonymous said...

Unless we want to follow Greece. We really need to "CHANGE." And it doesn't appear to me B.O.'s change is working. IT WILL HAPPEN.