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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tea Time

Anyone who thinks that the lights are going out in this great land, that democracy is dying, that people are souring on the glories of freedom has only to cast an eye last night's primary elections to see they're flat out wrong. Regardless of what you think of Tea Party politics, it's hot, baby--hot, hot, hot. Every last Washington insider had better be girding up the loins for what's to come, for if what's happened in these off-calendar primary contests is any indication of what's to come, incumbancy is going to suffer a bloodbath.

Things are boiling, heated up by virulent anti-Obamaism, by hard economic times, and by an interesting flavor of nativism--good old flag-waving, down-on-your-knees patriotism. The queen of the festival is an half-term governor of Alaska who winks and nods and tweets. Whether or not Sarah Palin runs for President in 2012 has yet to be determined--stay tuned, but that she wield clout beyond anyone in the Republican world is, after last night, without question.

Depending on your point of view, the Republican party is either killing itself or tougher than it ever was. Whether the Tea Party juggernaut is beefy enough to take over the land remains to be seen. Could Ms. Palin become President Palin seemed a dopey question ever since Obama's victory, but on this morning-after all bets are off. In last night's Republican primaries, if you weren't Tea Party, you weren't much.

If the economy stays in the tank, who knows what might happen, and nobody predicts a turn around in joblessness. There's enough mad-as-hell folks to fuel a voting-box revolution, especially if those who oppose it stay home on election day. We're in a whole new age here, and no one really knows whether this bellicose Tea Party sentiment is as transient as the thunderstorm blasting away right now outside my window.

It's a joy to some, a nightmare to others.

But whoever said that democracy was easy? Somewhere hereabouts, I think I've still got a Perot pin.

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Sara said...

Real. Raw. Made me think today. Thank you,

Delighted to meet you today. Jumped over from Getting Down with Jesus. Hope you don't mind if I splash around in your pond a bit to get to know you.