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Garrison Keillor once said we'd all be better off if we all started the day by giving thanks for just one thing. I'll try.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday Morning Catch--A windy morning in the valley

Still photography doesn't do wind very well. The morning's primary weather feature, yesterday, at dawn, was wind that could have powered a healthy-sized suburb--and probably did. It's here in this shot. You can see it in the trees on the ridge above the valley, but you'll have to look hard to find it elsewhere in the slide show. We buy cameras to stop action after all. I should have shot a video.

Not a spectacular dawn yesterday, but I stumbled on a road I don't think I'd ever traveled before, and the discovery was a blessing. I've been taking a goodly share of my Saturday mornings out west near the river for seven or eight years now, I think. I thought I'd hit most of them. Yesterday I found a new one in Lyon County.

I thought of my old friend Harold Aardema, who used to tell me there were more beautiful places in Lyon County than I could imagine or shake a stick at. He once sent me on a pilgrimage to his favorites. But yesterday I found a road he didn't show me, a road I'm sure he was on. He'd love these pictures, I'm sure. More, he'd love the world I visited yesterday at dawn.

But then, who knows exactly what it is Harold Aardema sees these days from some heavenly vantage point?

Maybe he was there himself. Maybe he was watching me yesterday in the wind, smiling eternally, chuckling about me in the middle of all that beauty trying to stop the action.

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