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Friday, August 27, 2010

Call it what you want

Across the top of the story, the Huff Post runs a series of buttons that asks the viewer to describe what you'll see below. Here are your choices: Important, Fascinating, Typical, Scary, Outrageous, Amazing, Infuriating, and Beautiful.

You've got to be nuts to call it beautiful, but what's amazing about this video is that its star (well the guy in it), Khurram Syed Sher, 28, a Pakistani immigrant to Canada, was arrested and appeared in court yesterday, part of an alleged terrorist plot against targets in his new country and abroad.

Eight years ago he arrives in North America, three years later he throws his hat in the ring on Canada's version of American Idol, and just two years after that he wants to bring the whole place down.

That absolutely impossible juxtaposition of events suggests the goon's militancy likely blossomed here, not Pakistan. There ain't a thing "beautiful" about that, but it certainly is all of the rest--Important, Fascinating, Typical, Scary, Outrageous, Amazing, and Infuriating.

Meanwhile, here in America--in Florida--a wild-eyed Florida preacher tells Chris Matthews that not even if his own political hero, President George W. Bush, would call him before Sunday would he stop his congregation from a public burning of the Koran that he's planned this week because he and his disciples want to make a statement to the world's muslims.

Won't be long, I suppose, before someone starts campaigning for a crusade. Tons of muslims won't be surprised.

The Sunday morning after 9/11, a man came up to me before church, thinking I was some kind of guru, I guess. "Why do they hate us?" he asked me, as if I knew the answer.

Maybe if Mr. Sher's act had won.

I don't know.

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