Morning Thanks

Garrison Keillor once said we'd all be better off if we all started the day by giving thanks for just one thing. I'll try.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Morning Thanks--King of the Grandparents

I thought her largess extraordinary, in fact, just a smudge over-the-top. I fully expected that we'd leave Pumpkinland heavy-laden with pumpkins, two or three apiece for each our grandkids; but she didn't stop there. Yesterday, my wife who can be sort of Puritanical when it comes to indulgences, was almost out of control.

There were the pumpkins, one of which was so big it went in the trunk; but there were also a half-dozen pumpkin cookies from some farm wife's bake sale, plus some ordinarily indecent over-the-counter candies--don't even remember the names--in glowing cellophane. All of this from a woman whose current read is The Omnivore's Dilemma, and who's been known, in my presence at least, to make untoward remarks about the corn syrup that flows from the fields all around us (the town is a virtual island). She's not particularly keen on Monsanto and ADM either for that matter. Yesterday, the first sunny day in a week of clouds and rain, my wife nearly had to be restrained.

But then, I knew why. Halfway into the scary corn maze, her normally gutsy grandson reached for hand and then boldly announced to the world, "I'm sticking with grandma."

Right then, he should have asked for a Mercedes.

All in all, we had a sweet time, and I, for one, needed it. The kids?--I guess so too, but, like hedonists, they simply dance from pleasure to pleasure. The moment they hopped out of the back seat, their neighbor kids were waiting.

Here's what I'm thinking. For her unchecked, grandmotherly profligacy, the coveted first place award in yesterday's spirited grandparent competition does not go to my wife, but to our neighbor, who, in the final breaths of twilight just last night, was out mowing his lawn like some Shoshone, his grandson, like a grinning papoose strapped to his shoulders. Check it out. You just can't tell who's happier.

Yesterday, our Pumpkinland getaway not withstanding, my neighbor was, hands down, the King of the Grandparents.

No matter. This morning I'm thankful for grandkids and confident my wife will settle for second. And me third--after all, we too came home with some goodies.

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