Morning Thanks

Garrison Keillor once said we'd all be better off if we all started the day by giving thanks for just one thing. I'll try.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Morning Catch

Hundreds of thousands of waterfowl passed over the patch of the Big Sioux river where I sat this morning. When the dawn arrived rather ho-hum, I went down to see what might be happening. There is little color this time of year--Farch--as some call it; but the sky loaded with geese, hundreds of thousands, most of them way up somewhere beyond my lens.

The incredible treat of the morning was loons. They're wonderful, but I never guessed they'd mosey anywhere near this flatland prairie. Nonetheless, there they were--five of them came ambling along, disappearing every once in a while, up to their usual hijinks, just as if they were back home on some winsome Minnesota lake. What a blessing.

Hawks, crows, eagles, hundreds of ducks, and thousands of geese, and a half dozen loons--just about all of them on the move. I wish I could have recorded the melodies, although a few jackass woodpeckers would have almost spoiled it with their incessant percussion.

It's always reassuring to know that we aren't alone, the myriad creatures all around (must have seen a couple dozen deer this morning) simply doing their thing as if there were no economic crisis at all.

A sweet Saturday morning.


RickNiekLikeBikes said...

And not one of them dressed as well as you or I. you can take that economic prophesy to the bank.

Jake said...

Very nice shots. Thanks for sharing.

AliceRuth said...

I'm envious of the loon fellowship yet thrilled for you!
Here in South Florida the Pie-billed Grebe delights by diving and popping up somewhere nearby. Reminded me of the disappearing act of the loon the first time I saw them, but the grebes reappear much sooner and not so far away from their diving point!
I've been enjoying red-wing blackbirds at the local wetlands for a while now. They were always my first sign of spring when living in farm country near the Amana colonies. Here they will sit boldly on the railing and sing their song from a few feet away while looking me straight in the eye. Lusty little buggers...I love 'em!

Joy said...

This video reminds me of the way CBS Sunday Morning always ends. Is that show even on anymore? I used to watch it just for the minute or so at the end where they would show water flowing or birds chirping or even absolute silence.

Must have been the weekend for visiting water--we hiked out on our plateau to watch ducks on the vernal pools yesterday. Beautiful time of year. Thanks for sharing!