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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What we want to believe

Received one of those forwarded e-mails from an old friend this morning, something supposedly penned by a Prof. Joseph Olson of Hemline School of Law, St. Paul. It was a Republican rant disguised as some sort of scholarly appraisal which supposedly proved all those who voted Republican in the last election were good, honorable, tax-paying, flag-waving Christian Americans, while those who didn't were welfare queens and drug-addled heathens.

Pure bogus. Really, it was nothing more or less than hate mail.

What's scares me, really, is the propensity we all have for hearing only what we want to hear. I'm not above that weakness. I choose the reporters I want to listen to. I dislike both Keith Oberman and Sean Hannity, but only Sean Hannity makes me sick. My mother believes that Glen Beck is an oracle, and she's mystified that her educated son doesn't too. Where's the truth?

Maybe, just maybe, wisdom is everything the Book of Proverbs claims it to be: "How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver!" There's a suggestion here that we don't often pick up, and that is that wisdom is harder to mine from life's underground caves than is gold and silver. It's harder work, finally, to gather up wisdom than it is to create a fortune. It's that rare--wisdom, that is--and therefore that valuable.

I don't claim to have it. All I'm suggesting is that those who think it comes easily, those who truly believe they have it, those who swear the crystal clarity of their own vision are those I least trust having it in hand--wisdom that is.

"Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding."

No kidding. Lord help us all.

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Dan said...

The article alleged to have been written by Prof. Joseph Olson of Hamline (not Hemline) University is a hoax. Run it through Snopes to get the story. There were a lot of good reasons not to vote as you did this past November but the fake Olson article is not a credible source for them.