Morning Thanks

Garrison Keillor once said we'd all be better off if we all started the day by giving thanks for just one thing. I'll try.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dawn's early light

It's not difficult for me to consider turning my bike around, going back home, hauling out my camera, and simply writing off the college kids who will soon be waiting for me (wishful thinking) in class every weekday morning. But more than once this week, the dawns looked spectacular when I turned east, so compelling that the alive-and-kickin' escapist impulse burned nearly out of control in my soul. I would have given anything to skip class and head out of town.
Fall--like spring--offers playful heavens. Clouds create the really memorable dawns and sunsets, like the ones I missed this week.

But I content myself with Saturdays--like this one, when the sun came up without all that much fanfare. This morning I was ready for it, two cameras slung around my neck, me standing in knee-high grass a goodly hike off a country road, just waiting in the neighborhood of a few old cottonwoods standing like weary sentries along a creekbed. There I stood, awaiting what the psalmist calls "the bridegroom." This morning, his coming wasn't accompanied by any flourishing trumpets. It was, well, just dawn.

Shooting landscapes is like fishing: you go whether or not the fish are biting. At least I do, and even though this morning's first moment of sunshine wasn't a show-stopper, it was a joy to be out there alone in all that yawning space. Sorry to say, I didn't bring home a trophy.

But then, if you make a go of it, you don't come home empty-handed, no matter how ordinary the dawn. It's a joy to stand beneath an eternal prairie sky, looking for angles, lines, and figures.

It's November. The crops are in, and the land's livery is a dusty tan--colorless some might say if earth tones seem unpretty. But then, dawn blesses everything in its kingdom. Old fenceposts, stubble corn, milk and tumble weed--we all get a blessing.

Me too. Once again. I got me a few--enough for supper anyway.

No tropies maybe, but neither did I strike out.
How could I? I got me a blessing. Look'a here.


odd facts said...

"Shooting landscapes is like fishing" I really like that.

ricknieklikebike said...

I would disagree that dawn is just dawn. I think the soul hears the trumpets as the sun breaks through gravity.

Maybe you'll enjoy a few photos we've taken. I've posted a number of them on our blog.

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